Shipping and Maritime

We provide a full range of shipping and maritime services and represent clients in every aspect of the marine industry, including major shipping lines, ship owners, charterers, financiers, fleet operators, P&I Clubs, governments, brokers, underwriters, port operators, ship builders and repairers, and freight forwarders.We have a thorough understanding of the laws and practices in this specialized and complex field, as well as long-standing relationships with key stakeholders in the maritime industry throughout the Middle East and internationally.

Maritime Arbitration and Litigation

We offer a wide range of shipping consultancy services in addition to our specialized maritime arbitration and litigation capabilities. Currently, the majority of contracts of carriage include arbitration clauses as a means of resolving disputes; thus, it is advantageous if your legal counsel is also knowledgeable with the nuances of arbitration and the following enforcement of arbitral rulings before courts. Oarbitration and litigation in Arabic and English, guarantees that they will support you through the entirety of your case.

Case Management and Cost Control:

Our approach to client service is centered on establishing enduring connections, and we recognize the value of saving you time and money, when dealing with any issue, which are frequently time-sensitive and expensive. We provide real value by approaching case management strategically and in the manner of project management. We take the time to thoroughly review your case before beginning complicated legal processes, identifying the most important facts and issues and giving you the best, most economical course of action for settlement.