Labour and employment

Our purpose with regard to clients in the employment relationship, whether they are employees or business owners, is to meet each party's needs while complying with the law and applying a balance between the two parties. With 30 years of experience handling employment issues and disputes, SLF has been able to gain the trust of its clients, companies, and business entities throughout all stages of the employer-employee relationship.


In addition to drafting all employment contracts and agreements that strike a balance between the two parties, we also carry out the resolution of the termination process of the contractual relation between the parties of the employment contract


Furthermore, we investigate with the employees in cases of committing any violation of the law or the non-compliance of the terms of the contract, following up the legal performance of the employees to guide them to achieve the best performance of our companies.


We also have practical experience in resolving and settling collective labor disputes, as well as representing employees with their unions and general authorities. The practice also includes assisting and writing in the development and implementation of employment policies and strategies.