With over 30 years of local experience, vast global resources, and one of the biggest dispute resolution teams in the area, Soliman Law Company has one of the most complete dispute resolution options in the area.

One of the best arbitration experts in the area, our team has worked on numerous local and international arbitrations involving a variety of industries, cross-border components, and high degrees of complexity.

As experts in a variety of legal, cultural, and business practices, we may offer advice on practical methods to avoid, reframe, or resolve your problems. Our main goal is to offer clients sensible, profitable solutions that are quick and inexpensive.

With our affiliates, we have skilled arbitration attorneys in Egypt, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries.

Our arbitration attorneys participate in a range of domestic and international processes as advising counsel, arbitrators, and/or experts.

Our extensive network, ability to communicate and the capacity to manage significant internal conflicts in both English and Arabic.

We take satisfaction in conducting our own legal representation during arbitration hearings.

Our clients can rely on us on all fronts.

Our arbitration attorneys have the ability to represent clients in arbitration hearings either in English or Arabic and others if required.

We have a great deal of experience in both English and Arabic writing comprehensive written submissions and pleading before arbitration tribunals.

We provide advice on a range of conflicts pertaining to particular sectors, such as banking and finance, civil, commercial, insurance, real estate, building, oil and gas, maritime, transportations, intellectual property, and employment.


We closely collaborate with our specialized litigation attorneys to support the Egyptian Courts’ ratification and enforcement of domestic and international arbitration judgments.