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Mergers and Acquisition

SLF’s experts are capable of guiding companies with different types and nationalities during the partial and full acquisition of local companies, as we provide comprehensive legal consultations covering the legal due diligence processes, negotiations preceding the sale and purchase agreements, as well as drafting the contracts and agreements related to these processes. Moreover, we stand by all of our shareholders, providing them with extensive advice when signing agreements for purchasing and selling shares and bonds, escrow agreements, and carrying out all necessary procedures until the transaction is completed. Our experts in SLF are capable guide both Egyptian & International companies during the partial and full acquisition of local companies, as we serve comprehensive legal support, We carry out due diligence and legal reviews of all elements and aspects of the company in order to ensure that our clients see the transparent legal status of the company before the acquisition or purchase of shares in order to achieve both legal security and economic success.


Why Us?

Soliman Law Firm “SLF” is a professional law firm headquartered in Egypt, with collaborations in Kuwait, Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Soudan. We serve public and private locally in the Arab Republic of Egypt and internationally. Our firm has a strong network of affiliates and partners, allowing us to provide comprehensive legal services throughout the region and beyond.

Real estate finance and leasing

SLF is an experts have a very professional experienced team in real estate investment matters as we instruct our clients in buying, selling, leasing, developing, real estate finance, leasing finance as we deal with our clients moment by moment even in the negotiations of the deals as to prevent any scam on our clients or any acts that violate the law, our clients include landowners, property developers, builders and investors, we succeeded to gain their trust according to our comprehensive service and specialist support.
We provide our clients advice in every stage regards negotiations, drafting contracts, registering property ownership, tenant advice, leasing finance, construction, fund structuring. Furthermore, we have our experienced team of engineers in drafting engineering contracts and agreements and other technical practices.
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Our goal

Clients prefer to bring their cases to SLF that because we innovate faster, understand the facts of the cases more professionally, and achieve higher productivity - We believe that Team working fosters strong employee relationships because the more employees who work closely together, the more they get to know and like each other, increasing work efficiency and learning opportunities, and sharing our knowledge with each other to win the case.


is Committed to fostering an equity, diversity, and inclusion culture that respects and embraces all backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and talents of individuals at all levels of the firm. This assists each firm member in reaching their full potential and achieving professional excellence.


is important for the success of any law firm because it brings new ideas That we need to succeed in a competitive world and aids in problem solving because group collaboration can aid in the resolution of difficult problems.


diversity, and inclusion are promoted through progressive firm policies and participation in various organizations by the firm and its members.


We believe that legal practical experience is the primary solution to any dispute. SLF provides you with a uniquely comprehensive service concerning litigation and dealing with the courts, whether in Egypt or any other country in the region, as offering our out-of-the-box solutions for the various complex disputes, as we have more than 32-year experience in managing and handling the legal procedures and litigation, as well as the practical and technical aspects as well. Over the last 32 years, we have achieved great success in various areas such as criminal cases including white collar cases, disputes of capital market’s manipulation, cyber-crimes, civil, commercial, economic cases, intellectual property, properties possession issues, family-business, etc…., as well as administrative issues arises from the administrative contracts and decisions from different administrative authorities which affect public and free zones companies and other non-confined cases and this is a result of 32 years of experience in litigations, we handle these cases in all stages of litigation from the identification of the work plan and  drafting legal memorandums and documents, Pleading in front of all courts in all jurisdiction in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East, until the final judgments are issued and executed, We guarantee protecting our clients’ interests as we believe in our strength in persuading the courts of our defenses we succeeded in all the disputes in proving the innocence and integrity of our clients.