Our firm values

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• Respect

We respect and value all people regardless of their age, gender, culture, race, nationality, religion, or orientation. We show our appreciation for human dignity, independence, and privacy.

When it comes to hiring new team members, we treat all candidates equally, without regard for artificial barriers or prejudices, unless specific distinctions are required and justified.

We respect all of our team members’ fundamental rights, including free speech and other political rights. We do expect everyone to present their opinions in such a way that it is clear whether or not they represent an official position of SLF.

• Commitment

To every client we will meet no matter the size of the case we will quickly and professionally do our best to solve it and uphold the standards of legal profession.

And We Will Committed To Our Clients By The Following:

-To Solve Their Cases in a professional way.

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• Confidentiality

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of any private information you disclose to us at all times, subject only to applicable law and our professional and ethical obligations.

Confidentiality is a duty we owe to all of our clients; in that regard, we will not disclose to our clients any information we hold in confidence for others, nor will we disclose to others any information we hold in confidence for one of our clients or another.

• Teamwork

Clients prefer to bring their cases to SLF that because we innovate faster, understand the facts of the cases more professionally, and achieve higher productivity – We believe that Team working fosters strong employee relationships because the more employees who work closely together, the more they get to know and like each other, increasing work efficiency and learning opportunities, and sharing our knowledge with each other to win the case.

Teamwork is important for the success of any law firm because:


It bring a new ideas

That we need to succeed in a competitive world and aids in problem solving because group collaboration can aid in the resolution of difficult problems.


SLF is Committed to fostering

 an equity, diversity, and inclusion culture that respects and embraces all backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and talents of individuals at all levels of the firm.


This assists each firm member

in reaching their full potential and achieving professional excellence. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are promoted through progressive firm policies and participation in various organizations by the firm and its members.